Thursday, 19 January 2017

Full-Time Work (Season 2: Day 62)

This morning, I watched Rob (A Camera First Assistant) configure our A Camera.
What a mess!
It all makes sense to these guys though.
All done.  Time for him(A Camera First Assistant) to relax.  Haha!
Mike (Special Effects) wore his jersey today...
because I reminded him.  Hehe...  (Boris should appreciate this one.)  ;-)
Maya (Lucas Talent) was back for a second day!
Riley (First Assistant Director), Sacha (Boom Operator), and I (Lucas Talent) sported our colours!
And then it was back to the Battle of Alberta!  Haha!
The meeting of the minds.

Production: Confidential.
Type of Call: Stand-in.
Length of Call: 12.4 Hours.

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