Monday, 2 January 2017

Hawaii Trip (Day 2)

Time to get-up!!
We love our room because it's so spacious!
We were up early...
because we had a big day ahead of us.
The Pualeilani Shops are down there.
The beach was just across the street from us!
We were in a prime location for most of the attractions.  ;-)
The MOMMIETRON really loved the service here!  :-)
The hotel had a couple of birds on display like this Amazon...
who would only talk when no one was around.  Haha!
Now, that's one big cat!
The Westin Moana Surfrider is such a beautiful hotel and I think it was the first of it's kind on Waikiki Beach!
Oh yeah, you know what I'm going to be hitting.  ;-)
Hey, Mom matches!  Hehe...
I think I only have shoes of this name which I bought from a set-sale.  LOL!
Tiffany & Co., but we're not having breakfast there.  ;-)
We're going somewhere else for that.
Palm trees.
Palm trees everywhere...
and Koa too!
We walked all the way to the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
Hey, there's a Kobe here!?!
We reached our destination, Goofy!  :-)
Whoa!  I guess it's pretty popular around here.
We didn't have to wait too long though.
Rory and Rhiannon recommended this place to us.  They said the food was awesome and they were right!  :-)
Haha!  A random woman wanted to pose with Mom in front of the Ilikai!  That's where they shot the original "Hawaii Five-O"!
Posing with a giant toilet seat.
What made us laugh was that the husband of the woman who took this shot said he was Filipino even though he was cleary Caucasian.  LOL!
We continued our walk towards the Ala Moana Center.
I thought I could get Mom a senior's buss pass, but then I found-out it was only for locals.  :-(
We met a lovely woman at the mall named Rosaleen and she gave us a ride to Pearl Harbor because it was on her way!

Thanks Rosaleen!!!  :-)
Rocket Woman!
All the tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial were sold out, but we didn't care because we originally wanted to see the Battleship Missouri Memorial.  ;-)
The MOMMIETRON posing with the statue of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.
Here we go!
She said, "I'm not climbing to the top of that thing!"  Haha!
Permission to come aboard was granted.
Ever since I was a kid, I had a love for warships!
"On my signal, unleash Hell!"
"Ready the Main Guns!"
"Oh, hi Mom!"  Haha!
Man, I'd hate to be on the wrong end of these guns!  ;-)
A view of the bow.
The turnaround.  Hehe...
Get ready for the gun show!
"I'm on it, Mom!!!"  ;-)
It's crazy to think what went down here back in 1941.
Hey, that almost looks like my model of the Battleship Yamato at home!
We continued our tour of this massive ship inside.
This is how they slept?!?
Fuck that shit!  Haha!
Back outside, the MOMMIETRON took her turn at the gun!
A lot of history here!
This is the exact spot on the ship...
where the Japanese Instrument of Surrender was signed to end World War II!
Anti-aircraft guns!
Off in the distance was a giant radar array on a floating rig receiving maintenance!
Inside a conning tower.  It was so heavily protected!
This was one of the little slits that those inside would look-out from!
What a view!
"Ahead, one quarter impulse power."  ;-)
Still on the tour.
Look at the size of those shells!?!
Oh wow, this is how the rest of the crew slept?!?
We continued on to the aft.
Those are the Tomahawk Missile launchers!
"Aft Main Gun prepare to...
We could see Operations Building S84 in the distance.  It's the Control Tower on Ford Island which was featured in bunch of those war movies like "Pearl Harbor" and "Tora!  Tora!  Tora!"!
Back inside, a library!
There were bunch of galleries and museums within the hull!
They got mugged!  ;-)
A mess hall for the Petty Officers.
Hey, it's like McDonald's!  ;-)
This is where you'd line-up for food.
The kitchen was clean!
I love this office and you should know why.  ;-)
Haha!  I learned how to type on one of those typewriters!
Now, that's a lot of bread!
The ship's armoury.
You have to watch your step around here.  ;-)
The Marines slept here.
A machine shop where you can make lightsabers.  Hehe...
More bunks for the Marines.
Here comes the MOMMIETRON!
So many bulkheads!
More war artifacts!
I dropped Mom off here, so she could learn something.  Haha!
The dentist's office!
"Read it, learn it, live it."  ;-)
This is where you send and receive all those Christmas cards.
I could have spent the whole day here!
What an experience!
I totally loved checking-out this battleship!
It came to Vancouver once,
but I never got a chance to tour it.  I'm so happy we did this trip!  It was money well spent.  :-)
"I'm her mum," said the MOMMIETRON.  Hehe...
Back in Waikiki now,
we walked inside the Moana Surfrider to check it out.
I loved the architecture!  It's so beautiful and historical, but Mom still preferred our Hyatt Hotel.  Haha!
This evening, I introduced her to Panda Express!  LOL!

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