Friday, 6 January 2017

Hawaii Trip (Day 6)

It was our last full day on this island, so we rented a car to drive around it!
That's Koko Head behind the MOMMIETRON!
A view from the southeasternmost point of Oahu.
There she is!
Hanauma Bay!
This is where we wanted to go yesterday, but fucked-up with bus directions.
It was early in the day, so snorkelling the bay would have been a little chilly at the time.
we just snapped a couple photos,
admired the view from here,
and we were off to drive the rest of the coastline.
The windward side of Oahu is very green!
I couldn't get over how beautiful the sights were here!  :-)
They also have a bunch of wind turbines on this side!
We made it to the Banzai Pipeline...
on the North Shore in Pupukea.
"Banzai!!!  Banzai!!!"  
My S'well Bottle made it here too.
This beach is popular amongst surfers because of its large and powerful waves.
There go a few of the riders!
I can see why people would want to move here.  ;-)
It's beautiful!
Mom and I...
stayed here for a couple hours...
and let it all soak in.  :-)
Back on the road we went,
but I had to pull-over again because Waimea Bay was so pretty...
I had to take a few more photos before heading inland.
Look at that view!
Since it was on our way, we dropped by the Dole Plantation a second time just for their Dole Whip with fresh-cut pineapples!  Haha!  The only other place you can get this stuff is at Disneyland Theme Parks.  ;-)
Off to check-out the leeward side now.
We finally made it to Makaha Beach!
This is the most eastern part of Oahu which you can reach by car.
This region is much drier than the rest of the island, almost desert-like.
Their beaches aren't as busy though, but just as beautiful.  You gotta be careful when swimming here because the waves tend to drag you away from the shore.  ;-)
After we had our fun in the surf and sand, we drove back through Pearl City.  You can see the bridges of a couple of aircraft carriers docked in the harbour!
There's that giant radar array again!
We eventually returned our rental car.  She was good to us,
but it was time to go on foot...
and head over to Benihana...
for dinner!
Ah yes, the Onion Volcano, a classic at Teppanyaki tables.  Our chef used his laser pointer for added special effects!  LOL!
It was Mom's first time at one of these restaurants.  She was loving it!  :-)
I was loving my Surf & Turf order!  :-)
The herbivore and the omnivore.  ;-)
As chance would have it, we finished our dinner in time to watch the fireworks display at the Hilton Hawaiian Village!
Apparently, they blast them every Friday at 1945.  It was a great way to top-off our last night on the island!  :-)

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