Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hawaii Trip (Day 4)

We walked this path again.
We're becoming quite familiar with this view.
There's the Ilikai!
The MOMMIETRON was happy this morning...
because we were heading to Goofy!
It doesn't look like much from outside, but it's comfy inside.
It's quickly become one of our favourite places to eat here!  :-)
After breakfast, we bussed over to the Dole Plantation!
Yup, we're hitting all the tourist spots.  ;-)
Another beautiful day!
We walked through their...
wonderful garden.
They had so many different plants!
Out there were the pineapples.
Man, you could play golf here!  Hehe...
The Champ is here!
The garden tour was pretty small,
so we hopped on the Pineapple Express...
for a tour through the massive plantation!
Look at all those pineapple plants!
It takes a plant around 20 months to produce fruit!
In the distance, is their man-made reservoir...
 used to irrigate the farm.
There's an old harvester.
Oh wow, solar panels!
Hey, I've been to few of these places!
Ohhh, here's one!
Awww, they start-off like this!
We lined-up for more Dole Whip.  Haha!
It's quite the attraction here!
That's the Waianae Range of mountains!
We bussed back to Waikiki and had dinner at an Eggs 'n Things.  Mom ordered French Toast again!
All-day breakfast is the best!  :-)

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