Friday, 27 January 2017

Full-Time Work (Season 2: Day 68)

Come on, lightsabers beat Vibranium.  Right?
Since Barbara's not around on this set, I might as well tug on Jude's (Set Dec) tail instead.  Hehe...
Brandon is our A-Camera Second Assistant, but he's also our drone pilot.
Megan says he has nice eyes.  Haha!
"Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!" is what we all chant when he brings over the candy tray.  LOL!
Tanya and the Filipino Power!  ;-)
Raymond and Bernard.  ;-)
Jude and Nancy belong to the Set Decorations Department.
Glen (A-Camera Operator) always gets innovative in his operation of the camera!

Production: Confidential.
Type of Call: Stand-in.
Length of Call: 12 Hours.

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