Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hawaii Trip (Day 5)

Oh surprise, we're back at Goofy for breakfast!  Haha!
We walked through the Hilton Hawaiian Village when we were done eating.
We used their restrooms...
and photographed a Macaw.  Hehe...
Here's a dove who was a little thirsty.
Oh, here's a white one!  :-)
Well, we tried to go to Hanauma Bay by bus, but we failed because we got off at the wrong stop.  :-(
We waited for the bus back to Waikiki, but it only ran once every hour.  At least, I got this Visitor's 4-Day Pass for $35 USD.  ;-)
Haha!  It started to rain.  This was the last day we would use transit on our trip.  ;-)

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