Friday, 1 March 2013

Shellaine & Ron's Wedding (Day 5)

Fucken Hell, it's rainy and...
windy again!!!
I met Joanne and Mike from Toronto during their stay here.  They're leaving today, but their flight was delayed a couple of hours.  :-(
Tonight, it was time to dine at Paloma Bonita!

I can see why they need reservations here because this place is packed!  ;-)
Julia and George...
Clan Sombilon...
We really enjoyed the food here!
We all ordered Plantanos Fritos for dessert.  LOL!
Ahhh yeah, a mariachi band!!!
Of course, I requested...
"La Bamba"!!!  :-)
The rest of our crew arrived a little later.  Too bad we couldn't all eat together.  :-(
Wow, Gerald's really good at ping pong!

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