Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Goodbye Gus

Megan and I had to let go of our best friend today.
Gus' recent bouts of weakness were due to a number of malignant tumours on his internal organs.  We were devastated when the doctor told us her diagnosis and that there was nothing we could do for him.
However, they were able to stabilize Gus' condition, so we could spend one more day with him.  We brought him over to my mom's place and then to Megan's parents' house for a final farewell to all his family.
Megan and I slept beside him until the next morning.
The following day, we took Gus for one last walk through Bridgman Park and then I spoiled him with some cheeseburgers.
I've never met a more loyal and loving dog like Gus and because of that I tried to bring him everywhere with me.  I literally lost my shadow today.
Words can't possibly express what Megan is going through right now.  She basically was robbed of her life partner far too soon.

Gratitude to the kindness shown by Dr. Karen Harvey and the staff at the Vancouver Animal Emergency & Referral Centre.

Eternal thanks to Megan and her family for letting me be a part of Gus' life.
Farewell to my most awesome friend.

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